Bangladesh School Muscat

Admission Fees

The  School Fees at present as follows:  
Registration Fee (New Admission) OMR 100 (Non Refundable, once only)
Refundable Deposits (Once Only)
For 1st child OMR 50
For 2nd child OMR 20
Class  XI to XII OMR 50
Class XI to XII ( Science Lab ) OMR 25 
Re  Admission(Annually)
Session Fee  OMR  30 (Rec to Class X)
  OMR 50 (Class XI to XII)
Examination Fee OMR 5 (Rec to Class  X)
  OMR 17 (Class XI and XII)
Re  Admission(Annually)-  Applicable to  All Classes
Insurance Fee OMR 4
Library Charge OMR 4
Sports Charge OMR 4
Magazine Fee  OMR  3
Term Fee OMR  5(Rec to Class X)
  OMR 6.5(Class XI to XII)
Stationary  Fee  OMR 3.8(Rec I)
  OMR 3.9(Rec II)
  OMR 3.5 (Class I to X)
  OMR 5.6(Class XI to XII)
Computer Fee OMR 1.9(Class I to VII)
  OMR 1.5 (Class VIII to XII)
Laboratory Charge OMR 1.4(Class VIII to X)
  OMR 5(Class XI to XII) 
Development  Fee OMR 3(All Classes - per monthly per parent)
Per month for 11 months
Tuition Fees OMR 32.8(Reception I)
  OMR 27(Reception II)
  OMR 24(class I to IV)
  OMR 30 (Class V to X)
  OMR 50(Class XI- XII)
Donation OMR 600 ( For Non Bangladeshi Student)once only